Fire Ritual is deeply influenced by worship music and court music in

ancient China, while blending western and modern musical elements. Hand cymbals, resembli

ng those in Peking Opera, were seamlessly merged with a Baroque violin ensemble, and the sound

of bird chirping echoed the hymns of human beings, creating dialogue between mankind and nature.

Various non-musical objects, as a signature style of Tan, were used to imitate cer

tain sounds. For example, the orchestra repeatedly turned pages of their scores to create the sound of wind.

Singaporean conductor Kahchun Wong led the orchestra for the first time. He turned himself

into a Shaman in the ritual with rich body languages, adding to a sense of immersive theatrical ex

perience for some 2,700 spectators, who gave a standing ovation when the piece concluded.

Wong in 2016 became the first Asian to win the prestigious international Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition for young conductors held in Germany.

Other programs during the night included an adapted version of Korean folk song Arirang, and Mozart’s Der H

olle Rachefrom The Magic Flute, both performed by South Korean soprano So Young Park as her Philharmonic debut.

Iranian Ambassador to China plans steps to bolster relations

  Iran will celebrate its 40th National Day on February 11. The Islamic Revolution, which took place 40 years ago, set the Isla

mic Republic of Iran on the path of “independence” while triggering the decades-long confrontation with the US.

  Ahead of celebrations, Global Times (GT) reporter Yao Lijuan sat down for an interview with Iran

ian Ambassador to China Mohammad Keshavarz-Zadeh (Keshavarz-Zadeh)to discuss the Revol

ution, its relations with the US, the Iranian nuclear deal as well as China-Iran relations.

  GT: Forty years have passed. What do you think of the changes brought about by the Iran

ian Revolution to the politics, economy, culture, society and other areas in your country?

  Keshavarz-Zadeh: We will celebrate our national holiday on February 11.

  Our most important achievement in the past 40 years has been gaining independence which was chosen by our people.

  We paid a cost to maintain our independence. Over the years, the pressure faced

by the Iranian people has come from unilateralism and hegemony of the US which created obstacles in the pat

h of realizing our dreams. Without the pressure, we will be more prosperous than we are now.

Russian woman in Wuhan wishes to see the world by Chin

A Russian woman who lives in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, has said she hopes that

there will be more trains linking China and Europe in the future, so that one day she will be able to travel ar

ound the world by the China-Europe passenger train, reported on Feb. 1.

With the Spring Festival approaching, almost all Chinese people are heading h

ome for family reunions across the country. Instead of returning to her ho

metown in Russia, Liu Yina (Chinese name) has decided to stay in Wuhan and enjoy the traditional Chinese festival.

Liu, who is fluent in Chinese, works for Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd., the operator of China-Europe freight tr

ains between Wuhan and Europe and a public platform for international logistics and transportation services.

Foreign media said sun against a drug testing person

Data figure: sun.China news agency reporters Mr Wang is taken

Addition to the client on January 27 (Reuter

s) for foreign media reported “sun against drug testing personnel or life

time ban”, lanpeng law firm lawyers mr.zhang qihuai today on twitter of the la

wyers, according to the previous IDTM company three workers to race against the

sun doping test, inspection process exist many irregularities.The false report is

submitted to the fina.Since then, fina congress held hearings and ruled that the cog

nizance sun there is no violation of the world anti-doping regulations.

Shortly after the lawyer statement issued, su

n studio then forward the evidence that the details given in this paper.

Attached to the attorney statement:

Mr.zhang qihuai Beijing lanpeng law firm lawyers in a

ccordance with law, accepts The commission of The sun, on January 27

, 2019, The British Sunday Times The Sunday Times on sun in violation of The regulations on The world anti-doping in

accurate reports, face a lifetime ban formally lawyer statement is as follows:

Late on September 4, 2018, three IDTM company staff to sun shelter to race aga

inst the doping test, the whole inspection process there are a number of irr

egularities: first, including blood test officer, urinalysis officer, three workers are unable to provide IDTM