It was such a huge temptation that I studied like cra

 to get such scores. I got extremely high marks in the end, but my father failed to keep his pro

mise because the family could not afford the tickets to go to Nanjing,” Zhou said.

“Visiting the bridge had been my dream for many years. Now, my two sisters and I have all m

oved to Nanjing, the provincial capital. It’s a happy coincidence that my family lives near the bridge.”

Lu Andong, a professor with Nanjing University’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning, said the bridge repres

ents the collective memory of several generations and has special meaning for Chinese.

“It employed the country’s most advanced technologies and talented workers when

it was built. It was unique in stimulating cohesion and pride in the whole country,” Lu said.

In 1960, the bridge featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest with dual road and rail functions.

When resorting to the legal system for protection, the

re is a price to pay: time, money and the risk of losing your job. And as a result they took to cyberspace,” she said.

Employers are obliged to provide overtime pay, bonuses and welfare benefits to em

ployees working overtime. But many tech company employees said it was too much to hope for.

A senior developer with the e-commerce giant Alibaba,

who asked not to be named to protect his career, said employers seldom say the

schedule is compulsory, but failure to follow the rules could lead to low performance scores and layoffs.

“Defiant behavior can also lead to losing your annual bonus, which is a lot of money,” he said.

To better protect workers from harsh treatment, Jiang suggested th

at oversight should be beefed up, and systems for lodging complaints should be improved.

China’s Labor Law prescribes that the working hours of

an employee should not exceed an average of eight hours daily, or 44 hours a week.

We know that multifamily construction recovered mo

re quickly than single-family construction and remains relatively strong,” Bachm

an told China Daily. “This may be because of greater demand for smaller housing units.”

He said it also may be due to financial limits (mortgages for singl

e-family homes have become harder to obtain) or because

of greater demand for living in central cities, where people are more likely to live in multifamily buildings.

A 2018 study by the real estate listings site Zillow indicates that single women can affo

rd to purchase only 39 percent of US homes on the market, but they are buying them at a rate that far exceeds that

of single men, who are able to purchase more than half of the homes currently for sale.

“The housing market will need to make lots of changes to accommo

date the growing number of single people, especia

lly the single women who are buying a lot of homes,” said DePaulo. “Some will want small places, such as stu

dios or one-bedroom places, though others will want an extra bedroom for a study or for guests.”

Liu made the remarks during his meeting with US Presi

dent Donald Trump at the White House Oval Office.

The vice premier, who is heading the Chinese trade negotiation te

am, conveyed greetings and a message from President Xi Jinping to President Trump.

In the message, Xi said that new substantial progress has been made on the text of the China-US economic and trade agreement in the past month or so.

Xi encouraged the two sides to maintain the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and resolve issues of mutual

concern so as to conclude the negotiations on the agreement text as soon as possible.

Xi also said that a healthy and stable development of China-US relations needs, in partic

ular, their strategic leadership, and that he is ready to keep close contact with Trump through various means.

Rapid tests on water samples collected on Friday found the

water of three rivers inside the park was polluted by volatile organic compounds – chloroform, methylene chloride, dichloroeth

ane and toluene. But no volatile organic compounds were detected in the waters of the three rivers outside the park.

The polluted water bodies of the three rivers had been cordoned off and so far no po

llution was detected in waters outside of the park, according to rescue headquarters.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment also require

d special attention for possible rainfall and its impact on handling the aftermath of the blast.

Wei Zheng, a worker with the environmental monitoring station of Funing county, who was sent to Xiangshui county

for assistance, said that he got water samples from inside the park and the nearby Guanhe River every three hours for analysis.

“We analyze the chemical remains in the water, including aniline, nitrobenzene and VOC. Environmen

tal protection workers have established eight water monitoring stations inside and near the chemical park,” Wei said.

minutes that explain the Trump presidencyTrump, a bad defe

  The President reacted with characteristic defiance to Congress’ repudiati

on of the national emergency declared in the cause of funding his border wall.

  ”VETO!” he tweeted, promising to crush the insubordination of lawmakers who had tr

ied, where many others had failed, to rein in his quest for power and contempt for constitutional norms.

  Trump’s crisis management reveals defining attributes of this most unique of political careers: The irrepressible energy

of a force of nature personality, a refusal to accept a loss and an instinctive reflex to seek a new opening.

  But it also showcases less positive traits, including his willingn

ess to trample the truth for his own benefit, a selfish streak for which friendly foreign leade

rs sometimes pay the price and even a shockingly casual way of talking about political violence.

The history of international relations and the developmen

of Sino-US relations tell us that conflicts and confrontations cause damage to both sides. Sticking to th

e Cold War mentality or taking unilateral measures would be harmful to both sides. It would be in the fitne

ss of things therefore that China and the US learn to coexist with each other despite their ideological differences, and to follow the diplomatic principle of m

utual respect and equality to not only improve their diplomatic relations but also derive optimum benefits from Sino-US trade.

As two major countries and the two-largest economies, the US and China have no established model to follow to coexist as the e

stablished power and the rising power. Perhaps they could build a new model for major-country relationship which

is characterized by non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation. Only in this way can Chin

a and the US avoid the “Thucydides trap”, continue to deepen win-win cooperation and move toward a better future.

The author is a researcher at the National Academy of Development and Strategy and a professor at the School of Intern

ational Studies, Renmin University of China. The views don’t necessarily represent those of China Daily.

The space station’s core module and a Long March 5B are

under construction, the agency said, adding that it is also selecting and training astronauts for the mission.

According to government plans previously made public, China will start putting

together its first manned space station around 2020, when a Long March 5B will put the station’s core module into orbit.

Other components and astronauts will later be ferried to the core module to assemble the station.

The space station is expected to be built and become fully operational around 2022 and is set to operate for about 15 yea

rs, according to the China Academy of Space Technology, the contractor for the station’s development and construction.

In 2024, it will likely become the world’s only space station if t

he United States-led International Space Station is retired that year as planned.

Earlier this month, a container ship docked in Pyeongtae

  harbor, on the southwest coast of Seoul. On board were 51 containers of mixed waste that South Korean company Green SoKo had exported to the Philippines last year.

  The company had claimed the waste was recyclable plastic, but most of it was not in fact recyclable an

d had been strewn over a 45,000 square meter patch (almost 500,000 square feet) of Mindanao island.

  Locals discovered that the trash included household garbage, used diapers, empty ca

ns of ham, and washing machine parts. Protests by environmental group EcoWaste Coalition put pressure on the South Korean govern

ment to take back the trash.What that container ship brought back to Seoul, however, was only a fraction of the 290

,000 tons of waste which South Korean Customs estimates was illegally exported in 2018.

  A report released last month by the Ministry of Environment

blamed the problem on the lack of affordable alternatives for disposing of solid waste.

  ”The cost of incineration used to be $53 per ton and now it’s over $230. The waste comp

anies cannot recycle or incinerate (affordably), so the waste is left abandoned,” ministry officials said at a briefing.

More than 60 percent of the world population – about

 billion people – will get access to mobile internet by 2025. By that time, mobile subscribers will reach to 6 billion, of which

some 700 million will be new subscribers and half of them – 359 million- will come from Asia-Pacific.

China, which will contribute 8 percent to global new additions, takes the second pl

ace among seven countries in the world which account for half of new subscribers.

Mobile is a key driver for digital content consumption which is represe

nted by video, the report said. A growing number of people take longer time and are more fre

quent to watch video on their devices. In 2018, China showed the highest proportion – about 80 percent – of sm

artphone users watching free online video at least once a month, an increase of 10 percent year-on-year.
AI c

ould have a major impact on the world economy, since it may potentially contribute $16 trillion – which equivalent to

an increase of 14 percent – to global GDP by 2030, and this could be as much as 26 percent in China, the report said.